Picture Frame Marketing

Use Digital Frames as a Marketing Tool

As the popularity of digital marketing has grown, digital picture frames have become commonplace at businesses that want to show services/products to there customers.  Much like grocers use displays to up-sell shoppers, a digital frame could be positioned near a POS, parts counter, F&I desk to display impulse purchases or popular up-sell items like Contracts, Wiper Blades, Alignments, Flushes etc.

Use for:

  • Service Adviser desk
  • Auto on/off by time set
  • Wi-Fi auto picture upload
  • We create slides to match your needs
  • Reception area slide show of products and services.
  • Conference room slide show to fill time.
  • Cross-marketing for Departments F&I, Parts, Service
  • Point-of-sale slide show

Samples of slides