Your Complete E-Menu for Service Departments

ServiceCalc™ is an electronic sales menu application for dealership service departments. It uses simple to navigate, drop down menus for service writers to view and print any manufacturer's recommended maintenance service for specific year, make, model and mileage combination as well as the dealership's pricing for each of these services.
  In addition, ServiceCalc™ aids service advisors in cross selling other dealership products including accessories, service contracts, vehicle test drives and other parts and service specials specific to each individual dealership. ServiceCalc also features the ability to send email notices to customers promoting any dealership initiative.    

The developers of Service Calc have in excess of 40 years of combined experience in automotive fixed and variable operations. We, as developers, saw the need for a simple to navigate, reasonably priced, month to month (no contract) electronic service sales menu. Dealerships and their service advisors using ServiceCalc will consistently be able to present a sales menu to 100% of their service customers which will substantially increase service, parts and accessory sales gross.

Consistent Presentation to Increase Revenue from:

  • Sales per Repair Order                                                                          
  • Accessory Sales
  • Service Special Sales
  • Service Contract Sales
  • New and Used Car Sales Leads

Instant Quick Quotes - For Popular Services

  • Brakes
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Belt Replacements
  • Dealer-Specified Items
  • Year, Make, and Model-Specific

Builds Customer Loyalty

  • Ensures Manufacturer-Specified Maintenance Items are Presented to Customers
  • Monitor Service Advisors' Menu Presentation to Customers
  • Provides Tutorials to Help Advisors Sell Services

Month to Month Subscription, Zero Hardware Cost

  • Runs on Your Existing PC Computer System
  • Only Needs an Internet Connection